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Surgical Training Institute

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Why Travel When The Lab Can Come To You?

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Real Anatomy, Realistic Experience

Sawbones, Rubber models and Computers Cannot Replicate

What is the Surgical Training Institute?

The Surgical Training Institute (STI) provides mobile bioskills laboratories designed to train physicians, surgical support staff, IDE investigators, and corporate sales force personnel in new product applications and surgical techniques. STI mobile bioskills laboratories are completely self-contained, 1,100 sq. ft. expandable trailers, with simulated operating room space, including: up to eight training stations, C-arm imaging systems, gowning area, integrated audio and visual capabilities, general hand instrumentation, surgical supplies, and tool washing and decontamination equipment.

Why Mobile?

Hands on training is a critical component of your sales, marketing, and customer service efforts. However, in today’s high-pressure medical profession, physicians find it increasingly challenging to take time away from their family, practice, and patient commitments to travel to a fixed location training facility. For example, an American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) survey indicates that the average orthopedic surgeon works 60 hours a week, seeing a median of 103 patient visits. With this level of time commitment, relying on physician attendance at out of town training events becomes increasingly difficult, as each day without seeing patients results in a significant financial impact to the physician's practice.

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Cost Saving Advantages

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Training is critical to sales, but increasingly challenging. Up to half a training project’s budget goes to ever escalating physician travel costs:

  • Rising Airfare
  • Luxury Hotel accommodations
  • Rental cars or Limousine service
  • Meals, entertainment & per diem

In addition, STI can save you $$ on all the "hidden costs" of training events, such as equipment shipping expenses, tissue specimen shipping costs, staff travel costs, etc...