About Surgical Training Institute


STI was founded in 2009 by Dr. Richard Anthony, a “medical services entrepreneur”, whose past successes include a Pharmaceutical company developing anti-infectives, and a Contract Research Organization (CRO) providing full development out-sourcing services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Dr. Anthony realizes pharmaceutical therapy are driven purely by the “science of medicine” to treat or prevent disease, through clearly delineated biochemical and/or physiological effects on the cell, tissue, organ, or organism.


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Conversely, he considers the application of a medical device, whether for diagnostic and/or therapeutic purposes, to more importantly rely on a physician’s skill in the “medical arts”, as much as their understanding of the “science” of medicine. Therefore, STI was predicated on the belief that a healthcare professional’s need for interactive medical device education creates a continuous demand for Bioskills training, not only to obtain principles of anatomical knowledge, but also to gain practical hands-on skills to solidify the learning experience.


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Bioskills training in medical education is critical at all stages of the healthcare professional’s education and career:

  • Early on, to become familiar with the intricacy of the anatomy, or a medical procedure.
  • As specialization requires hands on practice to achieve an acceptable degree of competence.
  • When first trying new technologies or procedures, or when repetition and refinement are required to achieve mastery.
  • Better these skills are initially practiced in a bioskills “simulated patient”, rather than on live patients, where the risk of injury during training would far outweigh the potential for benefit.