Anatomical Tissue Sourcing & Preparation

Tissue Sourcing

Cadaveric tissue provides the most accurate anatomical model for learning the mechanics of surgery in near life-like setting. STI provides only the highest quality cadaveric specimens procured exclusively through our large volume contracts with nationally recognized AATB certified tissue banks. Because of the volume of tissue STI procures annually, we can offer pricing that is often lower than most Sponsors negotiated rates. Every specimen goes through extensive serological testing prior to STI procurement. However, if a Sponsor prefers, arrangements can also be made to allow the sponsor to provide their own specimens.


Receipt – A STI bioskills technician receives your specimen(s) prior to the start of the workshop and assumes full responsibility for receipt, escort and security based on AATB, OSHA, and STI standards and operating procedures. Immediately upon receipt, the STI Bioskills technician verifies contents of each package, ensuring proper temperature, condition for use, specifications of specimen(s), as well as confirms serology for each specimen

Setup – The STI bioskills technician will then set up each surgical station instrumentation, prepare each specimen to your surgery ready specifications, and arrange the surgical field to expose only the needed surgical areas, draping the rest of the specimen to preserve dignity

Security – A STI bioskills technician stays with the specimens throughout your workshop to insure the specimen(s) are accessible to only your workshop participants and staff. When stored, the specimens are maintained in a secure, locked cooler or refrigerator, with access limited to only STI staff

Breakdown – When your workshop is complete, the STI bioskills technician assumes all custodial responsibility and properly repackages the specimen(s), assuring proper return shipment protocols are met. The specimen is supervised by an STI bioskills technician until it has been removed from the premises by the freight courier.

Disposition – Specimen disposition is handled by licensed cremation facilities and documented. Specimens are never “re-purposed” to other clients. STI SOPs allow you to rest assured all proper ethical and legal measures are followed to properly dispose of each specimen.