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Single or Double Expandable Mobile Laboratories

STI mobile bioskills laboratories are completely self-contained, expandable tractor-trailers, with simulated operating room space, that includes multiple training stations, C-arm imaging systems, gowning area, integrated audio and visual capabilities, general hand instrumentation, surgical supplies, and tool washing and decontamination equipment, and more.


The “BioSkills-Lab-in-a-Box” (BSLIB) format is available for small courses (1-2 stations) when a mobile bioskills laboratory is not cost effective or practical. It is also ideal for larger courses that require more than the 8-10 stations a mobile laboratory can accommodate. Designed to convert space in a convention center, hotel, or corporate office into a cadaver workshop for the day with all the equipment needed to address your training needs.

Each BSLIB contains: Adjustable, radiolucent 72″ portable table(s) w/side rails; basic general hand instrumentation (client specified generals); articulating exam light(s); PPE sets for attendees (Scrubs, gown, mask w/shield, gloves, booties, surgeon cap); station supplies/disposables (i.e. 6 mil clear 20′ x 100′ poly sheeting Visqueen plastic floor cover, drapes, lap sponges, chux, scalpel blades, etc.); Client choice of Peg-board torso positioner, Bone clamp and holder, or Extremity Holder w/tray; sharps container and biohazard disposal kit, suction/aspirator, Power strips and extension cords, eye-wash stations, cleaning supplies and for instrumentation disinfection, and first aid kit. Client choice of Stryker power set, or electrocautery w/smoke evacuator. Additional equipment available for surcharge.