Consider STI Your Complete "Turn-Key" Solution For Your Cadaver Based Training Workshops

Bioskills training is considered by healthcare professional to be the “Gold Standard” for replicating the real life experience in medical education. Industry wide, STI sets the “Gold Standard” for a quality Bioskills educational experience. Consider STI your complete “turn-key” solution for providing the best in class professional education and training programs.

Healthcare Professionals Sales And Marketing Events

Hands on training is a critical component of Medical Device sales, marketing, and customer service efforts. However, in today’s high-pressure medical profession, physicians find it increasingly challenging to take time away from their family, practice, and patient commitments to travel to a fixed location training facility. For example, an American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons survey indicates that the average orthopedic surgeon works 60 hours a week, seeing a median of 103 patient visits. With this level of time commitment, relying on physician attendance at out of town training events becomes increasingly difficult, as each day without seeing patients results in a significant financial impact to the physician’s practice.

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STI mobile bioskills laboratories bring your important training and product demonstration sessions directly to your customers, on site, on their “home turf”. The ability to provide current and potential customers hands on exposure to a product allows companies to more effectively present product lines, and familiarize, or train customers with application of their products, often a critical step to winning sales. With up to half a project’s budget goes to ever escalating physician travel costs, combined with the many “hidden costs” of training events (e.g. equipment and tissue specimen shipping costs, staff travel, etc…), it can be economically challenging to bring dozens of doctors to a central location, if they can even get away. STI strives to minimize non-lab expenses, and will work with you to maximize your department budget to ensure your training programs provide the highest return on investment possible.

Single and Multi day events

You can book training events as a single day, one time occurrence, or stay at the same location for several days to maximize impact, while at the same time saving money, as each additional day is discounted. This allows your physician customers at the medical center to attend training when it fits their busy schedule. For companies with multiple product lines, you can spread the cost across divisions, reserving a separate day to focus on each unique product line and target audience.

Medical Conferences and Product Tours

Where better to train physicians or gain exposure than at a major medical specialty conference where 100’s if not 1000’s of your target customers are attending. Coupled with “branding” the mobile laboratory with your corporate promotion, this is an ideal opportunity for enhancing your product market launch, or establishing yourself above the competition. STI has supported bioskills events at 100’s of medical conventions and symposiums, and can guide you through the process to insure show compliance within each organizations exhibitor restrictions.

To spread the word about your company and product benefits, at the same time maximize cost savings mechanisms of mobile bioskills laboratories, consider conducting a multi-city road-show tour. A STI bioskills tour provides the greatest impact on sales, at a lower cost than having conducting multiple separate fixed lab facilities events, thereby maximizing the ROI of training. Since the STI mobile lab can carry thousands of pounds of cargo, your specimens, instruments and equipment can move on board, saving thousands in shipping costs between events. Whether focusing on a region with >36 cities over 3 months, or attacking the market nationwide >100 cities over a year, STI can custom tailor a solution to fit your sales objectives.

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Professional Education Support

STI can help you build strong Professional Education strategies, because STI understands the unique challenges of medical device education and training:

  • Intense competition for Healthcare Professional’s attention
  • Difficulty in communicating complex technologies and intricate procedures
  • Being able to present your content over multiple communications channels (Conferences, Internet, one-on-one, etc..)
  • Having the “Bandwidth” for Local, regional and National level educational activities
  • The need to provide continuous content updating over the product life cycle