Event Planning & Logistical Support

Our experienced and dedicated staff can facilitate your meeting by handling everything you hate to do from logistics and program agendas, to catering and accommodations for out of town event attendees. STI can also provide ideal location and venues (i.e. medical center, distributor's office, hotel, or medical convention location) to evaluate the targeted location’s ability to meet the requirements for mobile laboratory placement. STI’s concierge like service will procure a meeting room in the closest proximity, arrange catering, and organize audiovisual support. The STI project manager will then assist in scheduling the event with the sponsors field representatives and work to maximize promotion and attendance.

STI oversight

  • Identify and secure venues, and laboratory locations
  • Develop project schedules, Shipping, set-up and break-down
  • Arrange 3rd party catering and meeting rooms for didactic sessions
  • Anatomical Specimen Sourcing, STI volume contracts provide the best prices available

Dedicated Bioskills Staff

Your onsite MedEd support staff must have the skills, experience and expertise to knowledgeably present your product and represent your company when face to face with your healthcare customers. STI employs only highly qualified MedEd specialists to staff bioskills training event with medical skills sets mirroring you customers (MD, RN, BS, MS, CTBS, CSRT & ASRT).

  • Top to bottom staffing
  • Anatomical Specimen Escorts
  • Bioskills Associates
  • Bioskills Technologists
  • Proctoring Assistants -Trained to be trainers
  • Radiation Technologist/C-arm Technicians

Equipment & Instrumentation

Our centralized instrumentation service eases the logistical burden and expense of stocking, preparing and cleaning surgical quality instruments. We furnish a full-range of specialized medical equipment, instrumentation, surgical supplies and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for training event attendees. With our volume purchasing power we can generally save you money on instruments, equipment and supplies.

  • You need it, we have it
  • Imaging equipment (C-arms, Ultrasounds, endoscopes, etc…)
  • Hand instruments, from Abdominal Retractors to Ziegler Dilators
  • Power tools, high speed, large bone, etc.
  • Cautery, Light Sources, Smoke Evacuators, suction aspirators, etc.
  • Specimen holders, Amsco 3080, surgical lighting, etc.

Interdepartmental Coordination

Medical Device companies continue to diversify their product portfolios to expand their market share. However, with diversification comes product silos, in marketing, sales, and MedEd programs, that in turn can cause duplication of similar efforts resulting wasted expenditure of resources. STI project management takes a multidimensional project assessment approach, to determine where diverse product synergies may exist, to break down silos across product managers portfolios to achieve efficient, comprehensive and collaborative MedEd events.

  • Turn a Single product line MedEd event into a full company portfolio product “MedEd Fair”
  • Sequential specimen utilization, spreads procurement cost across departments
  • Single out best practices to share among departments and units
  • Dove tail events in the same location at different times to reduce overall expenses